Video Marketing

While video can be a valuable, immersive and incredibly engaging form of content delivery, the job of a decent marketer doesn’t start after the production process and doesn’t end at the publish button. A truly successful video campaign considers Video SEO from the outset to define and implement a goal driven video marketing strategy.

Poor technical implementation will mean that your fantastic videos don’t get seen by the right people in the right place, while inappropriate creative will mean you’re unable to convert video views into real world business benefit. Truly successful video marketing lies in the synergy of the creative and technical; in ensuring that videos are relevant and engaging for their specific target audience while making sure the audience watch them at the right time, in the right place and complete desired actions afterwards.

At Marketing Funda, we’re experts in both the creative and the technical elements of video marketing – and that polymathic understanding allows us to provide unique insight and smarter recommendations for our clients.

What we can do

  • Technical implementation of videos including hosting solutions
  • Analysis of your business goals and how video can help you meet these goals
  • Detailed research on your customers and the types of content they like to consume
  • Detailed video content strategy specifying exactly what needs to be created
  • Training for in-house teams on the importance of video and integrating video into an overall online marketing strategy
  • Training in editing, filming and structuring a creative framework for video content

Why you should choose Marketing Funda

Marketing Funda is known as experts in the SEO field and has delivered video SEO and content strategies for a number of clients across various industries. Our knowledge of technical SEO and the implementation of video is unrivalled by any other SEO company in the world. We understand the value of video to a business and importantly, do not offer an “off the shelf” solution. Instead, our strategies are customized to you and your business goals. We believe that video SEO isn’t just about rankings or traffic; it’s about driving real revenue to your business.

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