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How To Generate Great Video Content Ideas For Your Video Marketing Campaign

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We’ve been hearing this cliche again and again on our blog, but it’s one of those events that gives us the right all the time. This is true even for videos. The content of your video will ultimately be the deciding factor when it comes to popularity, effectiveness, impact on your marketing campaign be video and video sharing. Nobody wants to see a video that is not interesting, informative and a waste of time.

So what makes some viral videos, while others are totally ignored?

The answer lies in the content of your video. And also, the manner in which it is presented. Some of the video content ideas that are sure to be beaten with viewers are:

Make Your Mind – What Type Of Video You Want To Create

Usefulness – If your videos offer solutions to some of the common problems faced by your target market or advice on some of the common pain areas, it is sure to get shared across their networks. To find ideas regarding the content, go through some of the frequently asked questions about your products/services and try to answer them through your videos. Social media networks are slowly becoming platforms to help people out with common problems and people love to share ideas and solutions that they think will help others. Make use of this fact and offer valuable information in a different way.

Funny – Funny videos tend to go viral easily because people need a respite from their stressful lives. Try to incorporate your business messages with a little humor and see it appeal to your audience. However, simply adding humor for the sake of making funny videos is not the way to go about it. It should be genuinely funny.

Interviews – Get your industry experts or thought leaders to comment on or offer solutions on common problems faced by your target market. Not only will their popularity add to the appeal of your videos but they will also help it share across their networks which will ct as a ready target market for you.

Controversy – The easiest way to capture eyeballs and viewer interest is by going against the established norms and saying something controversial. But make sure not to make a fool of yourself by saying something you know not to be true. You need to make sure that you can support your statements with reasoning or facts otherwise your marketing strategy might backfire.

Set Your Video Goals

Creating video is a lot of fun, but as with any marketing project, it’s important to set goals for the video you produce. What do you want to achieve from your video?

Suggested Goals :

1. Increase “ direct traffic ” to your company’s website
2. Grow your YouTube Channel’s subscribers
3. Grow your blog RSS subscribers
4. Build inbound links into your website
5. Develop company personality and brand
6. Recruit new employees or build company culture
7. Increase brand awareness (search traffic for your company name)

Here’s How You Can Create An Video That’ll Convert: Read More

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How to Create An Effective Marketing Video

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Video marketing is one extremely popular marketing platform that your small business does not want to miss out on. Whether it’s through Youtube, or emerging video marketing networks such as Vine or Instagram, video marketing is undoubtedly a huge social media resource to grow your social presence and gain new customers.

Why Use Video for Marketing?

Video is a powerful medium that many business people shyly avoid. After all, it may seem very complex!

Maximum number of peoples have the common questions regarding video marketing, such as

  • What tools I can use?
  • How I can know what to do?
  • How the hell do I explain the value of this to my seniors and my team?

If you answer to these questions, the video can be an important asset to your business. Appealing to the senses, both audio and video, the video is powerful, emotion – recall content that people love to share. Sellers can use video to generate traffic to their websites, creating brand buzz, generate inbound links (which can help with SEO) and grow their social media reach.

Today I am going to resolve your basic questions and confusions you probably have with video creation and marketing.

As a website owner or an internet marketing professional we understands that the content which our subscribers share is potentially interesting to other users. And users often have the desire to share content that they found themselves. By creating video channels for users to easily share, and consume multimedia content, Marketers can take advantage of viral consumption to fully engage its subscribers, as well as attract new ones.

The graph below illustrates the percentage of marketing respondents that use each content or offer:

How to create a Effective video?

In order to create an attractive promotional video you should know that the information you are adding in the video should be new and upgraded. If you are sharing something which is repeated and used already, consumers will be less likely to get interested in it and they will stand no chance of being compelled to your business strategies. New information which is being distributed on free terms is always shared and you can easily get a hit with it.

The information which you are including in the video should be put and arranged in a manner that whoever is going to watch the video will feel the urge to go with the brand recognition and purchasing something eventually. You need to use pictorial representation and exhibition for the purpose of getting a good success at it. Including animations and interesting graphics could be helpful as well. Don’t make the length of the video too long or too short because it will easily disinterest people within a short amount of time. The message should be clear enough and yet easy to comprehend and get through.

Below are the 5 steps to follow to create a Effective video.

Creating Great Content for Video

Record High Quality Video For YouTube

Edit Your Marketing Video

Publishing and Promoting Your Marketing Video

How to Measure Your Video Marketing Success

Video Equipment Options List




Lavalier Microphones

Boom Microphones


Editing Tools

PC Computers

Mac Computers

Video Publishing Sites

Business Video Publishing Tools

Video ROI Measurement Tools

Now, Over to You

If you haven’t thought of video marketing, now is a great time to get started. With affordable advertising and tremendous search engine exposure, this rich form of media will help you obtain more publicity. Follow the ten steps above and you’ll see your video skyrocket in the search engine rankings in no time!

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