How To Use Twitter For Marketing And Business Branding

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  • August 02, 2013

Twitter is social networking and microblogging service. From a business and marketing perspective, Twitter helps you develop and promote your brand, interact with your customers and prospects, track what people are saying about your company and develop direct relationships with bloggers, journalists and industry leaders.

How To Get Started

Use the following resources to learn all about Twitter and how your business can take advantage of its offerings. There are free blog posts about getting started with Twitter as well as webinars to the right on how to use Twitter for your business.

What is Twitter?

Twitter in Plain English

Entertaining and easy to follow, this video from Lee and Sachi LeFever of Common Craft show ways of understanding how Twitter works and fits into your daily workflow and lifestyle.

48 Ways to Explain Twitter to Skeptics

David Meerman Scott confronts the inevitable questions from the Twitter skeptics. His family asked him to explain Twitter, grilling him on Christmas. Instead of explaining himself, he tweeted the question and posted his replies.

Setting up your Twitter Account

The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter

Michael Hyatt shares a tutorial on how to set up Twitter for your cell phone. He also goes over some basics on how to tweet with third-party tools.

Newbie’s guide to Twitter

Rafe Needleman shares a step-by-step process of getting started on Twitter. His steps include basics like the initial account set up, getting started on your mobile phone, following and joining friends and even mindset ideas for new Twitter users.

Sorry, Marketers, You’re Doing Twitter Wrong [REPORT]

Todd Wasserman shares secrets you can use to setup your Twitter profile with your personal brand.

Why You Need a Kick Ass Twitter Background

Marian Schembari shares a few profiles on Twitter and why they represent their brands so well.

It’s OK to Have Multiple Twitter Accounts

In fact, it’s necessary if you have multiple departments in your business. Christian Collard explains how he uses multiple accounts for his business to target followers and build relationships.

New Twitter Users Start Here

Social Media Workflows Part 1: Awareness and Capture

Setting goals before jumping on Twitter will get you farther than any other strategy. Chris Brogan discusses how you’re going to use Twitter for your company and how to put a plan in place.

How to Start On Twitter Without Looking Like a Newbie

Marian Schembari created a new Twitter account for sharing her experiences in her new town of Auckland, New Zealand. Instead of throwing any old thing up there and opening the doors for people to interact with her on that account, she walks through what she did before inviting followers.

5 Things to Do as a New Twitter User

Darren Rowse’s evergreen post has some of the best tips for approaching Twitter when you’re a newbie.

6 Tips to Grow Your Twitter Followers

Daniel Sharkov shared the outstanding Expert tips to grow Twitter followers.

Use Twitter for your Business the Right Way

Aira Bongco’s tips give you a solid basic approach to Twitter. Also, find the one way you can use Twitter to set your business apart.

How to Twitter

Wall Street Journal’s Julia Angwin shares her first few Twitter experiences before she got the hang of it and gained followers. She writes about how to use Twitter’s greatest strength to your advantage.

Moving From Social Media Tactics To Your Social Business Plan

Instead of floundering on social media networks, being tossed from wave to wave, David Armano shares foundation-building steps. When your company is ready to tap social media, David’s post will help you find secure footing.

Twitter Experiment Results – Swapping Person To Brand

Adam Singer makes a case for creating content that is community focused. Find out why creating great content drives traffic from social media networks to your “hub.”

Why Twitter Is a Better Brand Platform Than Facebook

B.L. Ochman was practically tarred and feathered when she wrote a post giving reasons why marketers need to pay attention to Twitter.

What’s up with the whole #hashtag thing?

The Twitter Hash Tag: What Is It and How Do You Use It?

Tech for Luddites gives a great clarification on what a hashtag is, and how to create one.

HOW TO: Get the Most Out of Twitter #Hashtags

Ben Parr had written the most useful tips for using the Hash Tags in right way.

How to Use Hashtags on Twitter: A Simple Guide for Marketers

Magdalena Georgieva revels the hubspot secret of twitter marketing must read stuff for every marketer.

Twitter vocabulary

The Ultimate Glossary: 120 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained

Every definition and term you needed to know around social media in one place. How convenient is that?

Ten Things you Must Know before Using Twitter

Ten must-know terms and tools.

Twitter Dictionary: A Guide to Understanding Twitter Lingo

The big list covering all the important Twitter Vocabulary. Must Read

Why you need to be on Twitter

12 Reasons to Start Twittering

Start with the 12 reasons to start Twittering. Michael Hyatt’s insights are spot on.

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Twitter Before Your Competitors Do

Jeff Bullas explain why Twitter is not going away anytime soon but the general public still in the main does not “get” Twitter despite it becoming part of popular culture.

5 Reasons I use Twitter – (and you should too)

This one’s a favorite of mine because Sprike tells you straight up that you shouldn’t expect to land deals or millions of dollars in the first three minutes of being on Twitter. Instead, Sprike shares with you: 1) who you should try to get to follow you, and 2) exactly why.

Twitter, the Most Important Website Since Google?

Chris Bennett explaining why twitter matter and why marketing is now incomplete without it.

How A Few Tweets Led to a 370% Increase In My Traffic

Tom Meitner shares his Twitter experience with Chris Brogan on Problogger. He says anything is possible if you take action.

Twitter User Statistics Show Stunning Growth

Catharine Smith from The Huffington Post illustrates how much Twitter has grown over the past five years since its launch.

10 Ways Twitter Will Change American Business

24/7 Wall St. has come up with 10 ways in which Twitter will permanently change American business within the next two to three years, based on an examination of Twitter’s model, the ways that corporations and small businesses are currently using the service and some of the logical extensions of how companies will use Twitter in the future.

How Big Brands use Twitter

40 of the Best Twitter Brands and the People Behind Them

Jennifer Van Grove interviewed forty major brands on Twitter for Mashable. She came up with the best reasons to be on Twitter and how to create your company’s strategy based on these interviews.

Five good and four bad examples of brands using Twitter

Econsultancy has come with the greatest examples of the Twitter Marketing for Branding.

Twitter etiquette: The do’s and don’ts of tweeting

An Insider’s Guide to Social Media Etiquette

Chris Brogan has plenty of etiquette tips for keeping the conversation going, disclosure, promotion, content production, and sharing.

Twitter Etiquette for Beginners shares more than just a few tips for etiquette and Twitter behavior.

The 10 Essentials of Twitter Etiquette

Kevin Allen had write a fantastic post on Twitter etiquette for Entrepreneur.

Twitter Etiquette For Agencies/Freelancers

Tony Bloomberg from Diva Marketing Blog shares more than just a few tips for etiquette and Twitter behavior.

What the heck is Twitter, and what do I do with it?

How to Get More Retweet Action on Twitter

The magic on Twitter happens in the retweets. David Cantone will get you started with several simple but important strategies.

How to Increase Your Retweets, Twitter Followers & Klout

Kristi Hines gives you a few easy steps to getting more retweets now. You want more retweets, right?

How to Get Retweeted

Getting retweeted is one of the ultimate goals for marketers using Twitter. Guy Kawasaki’s plan for ultimate retweet domination is on the other side of this link.

10 Ways to Get More ReTweets

Do you want more Twitter traffic? Well who doesn’t. Neil Patel shared one of the best ways to get more Twitter traffic is to get more retweets…

5 Steps to Going Viral on Twitter

Dan Zarrella analyzes the specific language and techniques that create more retweets for your Twitter content.

7 Ways to Thank Someone for a Retweet

Angie Schottmuller shares a simple way to thank those followers who retweet your stuff. This goes beyond the basic, “Thanks for the RT!” and to thanking your followers the right way.

Twitter Marketing Mindset

1,000 True Fans

The mindset behind any sustainable business. You can gain popularity, coolness and style, but without 1,000 true fans on your side, all the rest fades.

The Four Stages of “Getting” Twitter Infographic

See, everyone goes through these stages. Cool infographic from The Chris Voss Show.

The Six Twitter Types

Guy Kawasaki posted on the American Express Open Forum about the different types of people that use Twitter and which ones are the most effective. Check out which one resembles you and what each of them do. I’m a Mensch, by the way. If you were wondering.

How to Create a Twitter Marketing Strategy that Rocks

I loved this post by Jeff Bullas because he explains how new marketers gives everyone a big challenge by creating a perfect marketign strategy.

How to Set Social Media Marketing Goals

Ellie Mirman’s post on Hubspot helps a lot to understand the importance of creating a perfect Goals.

My Recommendation About Your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Tim Berry shares the one recommendation every business needs to know about using social media. You don’t have to take it, but it could be a deciding factor for whether you close a sale or not.

How to get Twitter followers

How to Pick Up Followers on Twitter

Guy Kawasaki’s post offers insights on getting more Twitter followers. He uses these strategies himself.

Kevin Rose: 10 Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers

Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg and the cofounder of Revision3 and Pownce. Kevin, who has over 88,000 followers on Twitter (making him the second most followed after President Obama), also “bloggs” at He is an investor in Twitter.

How To Get More Twitter Followers–Legitimately

Michael Hyatt another outstanding post the ultimate cheat sheet to get more followers on Twitter.

Study on How to Get More Twitter Followers: Be Positive, Informative

If you monitored half a million tweets over 15 months, composed by 507 Twitter users, and looked for patterns, what would you find? Craig Kanalley had shared the outstanding research at Huffington Post

Writing Killer Content in 140 Characters or Less

Killer content on your blog can get people to stick around. Twitter only has 140 characters. How do you create killer content in 140 characters? Marly shares a complete list on crafting a message in 140 characters or less.

Why 150 Followers Is All You Really Need

Do the number of followers really matter? Find out the number one reason why it doesn’t matter according to Srinivas Rao and get tips on building your base to 150 in just a few steps.

Brand management on Twitter

Brand Management using Twitter and HootSuite Webinar

Building a successful advertising campaign using social media can be challenging. With expert advice and case examples, brands can learn best practices that strengthen their organic strategy, while effectively fueling it with paid promotion on Twitter. Discover how to increase the value and performance of Twitter paid campaigns using HootSuite in this on-demand.

Web Strategy: The Evolution of Brands on Twitter

 Jeremiah Owyang shows you exactly how to get up and running on social media.

30% of top brands have dedicated Twitter feeds for customer service

The immediate nature of Twitter means that it is both a blessing and a curse for brands, as it gives them an excellent opportunity for having conversations with users but also puts pressure on them to respond quickly to customer complaints.

More Top Brands Are Using Twitter for Customer Service

Twitter has become a very popular forum for your customers to express themselves. As a result, you’re given an opportunity to help customers solve their problems in real-time, before they go elsewhere looking for help.

HootSuite’s 3 Secrets to Rocking Customer Service via Twitter

As a social media solutions provider with over 6 million users, we receive our share of help and support requests. This week, our Customer Success department sent its 100,000th Tweet from @HootSuite_Help. To mark the occasion of the 100k milestone, HootSuite’s Social Support Lead Sarah Chambers shares some secrets of how the team uses Twitter for customer service.

Twitter marketing strategies

62 Ways to Use Twitter for Business

If you think you know everything about Twitter, I challenge you to read this post by Meryl Evans. Even the most die hard Twitter users will find at least one action step in this list to use immediately.

How to Use Twitter as a Twool

Cut through monkey talk running around in your head about Twitter. Go read Guy Kawasaki’s post and get clear on a Twitter strategy you can put in place now. It’s a few years old, but still applies.

5 Steps to Build a Twitter Marketing Strategy

So you want to succeed with Twitter eh? Before you run off and chase shiny butterflies and little blue birds, take a seat and collect yourself. Then read the following tips on creating a potential Twitter marketing strategy that will help you become more productive and successful using Twitter for business.

Twitter Marketing: How to Use Twitter for Business

To learn about Twitter marketing and how it can help your business, I interview Mark W. Schaefer for this episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast.

Twitter Marketing Strategy for B2C and B2B Businesses

If used correctly, Twitter can be a really effective way to market your brand, find new customers, and to understand what the market thinks about your products. If used incorrectly, it can be a horrific PR disaster that can damage your brand for a long time to come. Which is why it’s really important, when you think about Twitter marketing, to first of all understand who should tweet on behalf of your company.

5 Proven Twitter Marketing Strategies

Seeking to take Twitter beyond a social phenomenon, its founders have lately set their sights on making it business-friendly as well. For marketers, this means new opportunities are opening up all the time.

65 Tweets to Energize Your Marketing Strategy

Adrian Babiak shares an extremely useful tip after helping a fellow entrepreneur. Find out the one thing to look for when scanning Twitter feeds.

Prospecting on Twitter

How to Use Twitter for Sales Prospecting

Use this post as your prospecting tool and mindset helper in one. Short and sweet, it has real value for getting to prospecting on Twitter right away.

How To Find and Nurture Leads With Twitter

If you are anything like most companies, the answer is probably marketing. When Twitter burst onto the social scene, busy sales reps were all too happy to turn over management of Twitter’s tidal wave of thoughts, opinions, and content to the marketing side of the house.

2 Savvy Ways to Scout for Prospects on Twitter

There are customers right now on Twitter who need you,” says social media expert Dave Kerpen. “You just have to know how to search for them.

How Sales Can Use Twitter to Connect With More Prospects

It’s pretty easy to find marketing applications for Twitter, but what about sales applications for the little blue bird? Are there any? Besides the fluffy and non-specific things like, “engage with leads” that we hear about all the time?

34 Awesome Twitter Ideas for Engaging Your Prospects

Engaging your community of prospects on Twitter is an essential way to show a human face behind your brand and let your customers know you care twitter about them. Answer their questions and provide them with content they find useful, and you’ll build the trust you need for a loyal following. But how can you keep the relationship with your Twitter followers fresh?

Twitter Management

6 Tools to Manage Your Twitter Followers

Managing Twitter followers can become a time consuming task, taking time away from actually sending messages and growing your influence. Here are six tools to save you time.

A Twitter Relationship Management Tool

Companies need to have something like that for social media, too. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to easily see not only who makes mention of or shouts out to your brand, but perhaps even a whole history of shared communications over a period of time. You’d like to see if you (or your social media team) followed up on a question or a mention.

How to Better Manage Your Twitter Relationships

Do you feel that you’re missing out on engaging with valuable members of your Twitter community due to the noise?  Or worse, do you wonder who the most valuable members of your Twitter community are?  If so, you’re in need of a relationship management tool for Twitter.

10 Twitter Tools Used by Social Media Experts

With so many Twitter tools out there, it’s hard to know which ones to trust with your Twitter account management. So why not take a look at what the social media and industry experts are using! Here are ten Twitter applications and tools used by some of the top Twitterers.

10 Twitter Management Tools You Can’t Live Without

Without a doubt, one of the most popular shiny new objects of many social media marketing programs is Twitter. There are Twitter books, Twitter conferences, Twitter blogs and numerous articles devoted to Twitter marketing.  Unfortunately, there’s not enough time left over after reading all the promises of marketing nirvana from using Twitter to actually implement recommendations.

What’s the Best Way to Manage Twitter? Why It’s Not

There’s a social network for everyone. Twitter, however is vying to be the network for information gathering and sharing – from breaking news, to funny pictures, and insightful content – it plasters my feed daily. But, the more you get involved with twitter and other social networks, the more challenging the become to use. You add users, followers, tweets, Facebook integration, etc. It’s madness.

Twitter Security

Security at Twitter

Maintaining top notch security online is always a community effort, and we’re lucky to have a vibrant group of independent security researchers who volunteer their time to help us spot potential issues.

Keeping our users secure

As you may have read, there’s been a recent uptick in large-scale security attacks aimed at U.S. technology and media companies. Within the last two weeks, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal have chronicled breaches of their systems, and Apple and Mozilla have turned off Java by default in their browsers.

You Aren’t Using These 10 Simple Security Settings

Internet companies are increasingly moving toward two-step verification policies. This feature, also known as “two-factor authentication,” requires a user to enter a security code in addition to her password when logging in from an unrecognized device. The security code is usually sent via text to her mobile device.

Twitter social proof

What Your Twitter Numbers Say About You, part 1

Marian tells it like it is regarding your Twitter stats. You can get more followers or let people find you, but if you read her post, you’ll find out why she recommends going out and getting more.

What Your Twitter Numbers Say About You, part 2

Marian shares her strategy for managing Twitter through Hootsuite. She makes it look easy!

Things not to do on Twitter

7 Things Not to Do on Twitter

When Twitter launched, critics questioned the limitation of 140 characters to make a meaningful conversation, especially for businesses. Over the years, Twitter has improved by leaps and bounds, added several business-friendly features and now ranks amongst the league of formidable social media tools for businesses.

10 Things You Shouldn’t Tweet

Here are the kinds of tweets that can kill your social media goodwill with customers, 140 characters at a time.

5 Things Your Business Should Not Do On Twitter

Being able to connect with people on social networks can make it very easy to marketing and grow your business online, however, it can also make it easy to make potential customers angry from abusing twitter. If you’re a business who is marketing your products or services on twitter, here are some “don’ts” when it comes to marketing on Twitter.

Ten Things You Need to Stop Tweeting About

The Oatmeal shares his hilariously true views about what you need to stop tweeting. Don’t say you haven’t done at least one of these if you’re on Twitter. Remember, we can all look up your tweets

13 Epic Twitter Fails By Big Brands

Marketing campaigns can blow up in a hurry. Hashtags can be hijacked, attempts at humor can backfire and misuse of the medium can invoke outrage.  Every single tweet that a brand sends out can make a big impact, because of the intrinsically viral nature of Twitter. If there’s something scandalous, there’s nowhere to hide, and it’s easy for people to voice their opinions.

What you need to do now

Using Twitter for marketing isn’t rocket science but it does take time, dedication and resources. It’s normal for businesses to want to get a quick ROI on their efforts but unfortunately Twitter doesn’t always work this way. 

If you can understand the potential long term benefits of Twitter (reputation building, nurturing leads, building brand advocates and competitive advantage) then commit to starting today. Dedicate time to it and be patient. 

Being great at Twitter Marketing is hard work that’s why not everyone does it (chances are your competitors don’t either) but if you nail it you’ll set your small business up for long term success.

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