How to Create An Effective Marketing Video

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  • August 05, 2013

Video marketing is one extremely popular marketing platform that your small business does not want to miss out on. Whether it’s through Youtube, or emerging video marketing networks such as Vine or Instagram, video marketing is undoubtedly a huge social media resource to grow your social presence and gain new customers.

Why Use Video for Marketing?

Video is a powerful medium that many business people shyly avoid. After all, it may seem very complex!

Maximum number of peoples have the common questions regarding video marketing, such as

  • What tools I can use?
  • How I can know what to do?
  • How the hell do I explain the value of this to my seniors and my team?

If you answer to these questions, the video can be an important asset to your business. Appealing to the senses, both audio and video, the video is powerful, emotion – recall content that people love to share. Sellers can use video to generate traffic to their websites, creating brand buzz, generate inbound links (which can help with SEO) and grow their social media reach.

Today I am going to resolve your basic questions and confusions you probably have with video creation and marketing.

As a website owner or an internet marketing professional we understands that the content which our subscribers share is potentially interesting to other users. And users often have the desire to share content that they found themselves. By creating video channels for users to easily share, and consume multimedia content, Marketers can take advantage of viral consumption to fully engage its subscribers, as well as attract new ones.

The graph below illustrates the percentage of marketing respondents that use each content or offer:

How to create a Effective video?

In order to create an attractive promotional video you should know that the information you are adding in the video should be new and upgraded. If you are sharing something which is repeated and used already, consumers will be less likely to get interested in it and they will stand no chance of being compelled to your business strategies. New information which is being distributed on free terms is always shared and you can easily get a hit with it.

The information which you are including in the video should be put and arranged in a manner that whoever is going to watch the video will feel the urge to go with the brand recognition and purchasing something eventually. You need to use pictorial representation and exhibition for the purpose of getting a good success at it. Including animations and interesting graphics could be helpful as well. Don’t make the length of the video too long or too short because it will easily disinterest people within a short amount of time. The message should be clear enough and yet easy to comprehend and get through.

Below are the 5 steps to follow to create a Effective video.

Creating Great Content for Video

Record High Quality Video For YouTube

Edit Your Marketing Video

Publishing and Promoting Your Marketing Video

How to Measure Your Video Marketing Success

Video Equipment Options List




Lavalier Microphones

Boom Microphones


Editing Tools

PC Computers

Mac Computers

Video Publishing Sites

Business Video Publishing Tools

Video ROI Measurement Tools

Now, Over to You

If you haven’t thought of video marketing, now is a great time to get started. With affordable advertising and tremendous search engine exposure, this rich form of media will help you obtain more publicity. Follow the ten steps above and you’ll see your video skyrocket in the search engine rankings in no time!

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Raunaq Rayait is a chief marketing officer at and co-founder of MarketingFunda. He helps companies to grow online with his out of the box marketing strategies with over decade of experience in the Internet Marketing his result driven strategies get admired world wide. Now with the vast experience and expertise Raunaq and his team has new goals in the mind to educate the website owners how they can make smart money while discovering the new marketing channels and strategies. If you believe that your business in not dominating its industry and you wish it to dominate. So it is the perfect time you should contact him... He can make the difference.

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