How to Convert Website and Blog Traffic into Interesting Prospect

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  • July 15, 2013

A large number of companies selling online SEO focused obsessively. However attract buyers to your website is only the first step. The second step is to convert them to buyers.

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At this stage, you should have already started a blog, optimizing your website to get found, and began performing and promoting the content across social networks. If it has been many weeks, by this time you should have started to see an increase in traffic to your website.

There is one problem. All that traffic to your website is not giving rise to any new business! People are visiting your site, but those visits are not resulting in new customers – or even new sales opportunities. so what do you do?

It is clear that you will only concentrate on conversion. At this moment you are still at the top of your marketing funnel. you need to move down and start converting your visitors into sales leads. To do this you need to plan an attractive offer for your prospects, create a call to action to promote your offer, and set up a landing page with a form for visitors to submit their information.

Finally, measure, and repeat the process. In this post, we will go over the conversion process in more detail.

Choose your offer

The offer is the most important part of any campaign. It is the initial attraction that draws the attention of your visitors and give them a reason to fill the form used to collect information. Your offer should focus on the type of sales lead that are trying to attract. For example, if you’re a cooking instructor, you want to create offers that will appeal to your visitors trying to improve their cooking. If you’re a Web Development consultant, you’ll want to create offers that appeal to other developers trying to improve their development process.

Create calls-to-action

Once you have decided about your offer, build a convincing call to action (CTA). As suggested previously a call to action is a button or a link that snatch the user’s attention and leads the user to a landing page. Calls to action are found all over – on the websites, in emails and blogs, etc. and the are the key component behind lead generation.

On your landing page, a visitor will be asked to complete the form by entering their contact information and other details in order to receive what is being offered. Through this exchange of information the visitor becomes a lead which your sales team can follow up. Of course, not all submission are the same and converting, as you will gain more experience with internet marketing, you will automatically start thinking about scoring the lead.

Creating a Landing Page

Your landing page is where your visitors come after clicking on your call to action, and where they will fill up the form to get your offer.

You will be amazed at the number of times we have seen calls to action that are not linked. Whether it is intentional or just a matter of lankness of remembrance but the lack of a link will make it significantly more difficult for visitors to find a way to get the offer, and they will probably give up. So double, triple, and quadruple check to make sure all of your CTAs link to their corresponding landing pages.

As mentioned above, the landing pages is a place where visitors fill out the form for the purpose to access your offer. The information that is requested on this form will be used by you or your sales team to follow up on these leads. So it will get very important that after users submit their information on the landing page they must be redirected to a page where they can access your offer.

Addition to the form, a landing page should provide a clear description of the offer, preferably with a picture and a bullet points that are easy to navigate through.

Test, measure & Iterate

Special Offers pages is a place where, calls to action and landing are the core elements of the conversion process, but it can not stop there. If there is only one way of conversion, they have very little information about the process and how it is done. In order to improve the conversion process is to be measured and constantly experiment.

Marketing metrics must be observed narrowly include the percentage click through of your call to action, conversion rate of your landing page and the number of new leads and sales.

With the aim of identify which elements best help you achieve your goals, you have to try different CTAs, landing pages and offers. If a call to action has been in your home page for a month, vary the messaging or exchange a new CTA, and after a month, as it performs better. If the landing page conversions are low, make a change in the page layout and measure the results. Do not be afraid to try different variations, you can always come back if the previous version worked better. It will be worth when you have found the best combination to increase conversions on your site.

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