Geo Targeted Pay Per Click

AdWords allows you to quickly create adverts for specific keywords that people search for when looking for the products and services you sell. The beauty of this system is that you are only charged when someone clicks on your advert, giving you full control over your budget.

The Marketing Funda team can create ads which are focused on your specific geographic location – meaning that your business advert appears in front of the right customers.

Setting you up for success

Our team have managed hundreds of successful and profitable Google AdWords campaigns. Our success comes from taking the time to set them up correctly. Too often businesses don’t know how to target their ads correctly and so the audience is too broad and businesses end up bidding and paying too much. In the end, they stop using it.

Before we start a campaign we make an effort to understand your customers, products or services. This up-front work saves you money and ensures your campaign works.

Our Process

Research – We look at the best keywords to use to target customers searching for your products and services to ensure that your ads get maximum exposure.

Structure – Your optimised keywords are organised and matched to a custom built landing page. This structure allows you to spend your budget wisely on the right targets.

Build – We craft persuasive text for each of your ads to entice searchers to click on them.  Having a well-crafted ad that generates clicks lowers your advertising cost.

Optimisation – We ensure each of your landing pages matches the keywords used in your ads to maximise conversions. Good quality page scores will make certain your budget lasts longer.

Tracking - Your website’s performance is analysed by tracking visitors and conversions to determine its effectiveness.

Analysis – Once live, your campaign is monitored to guarantee that each keyword, advert and landing page is performing to its best. This analysis will keep your business profitable.

It’s a lot cheaper than you think

You’ll find that many other online marketing companies offering Google AdWords management charge a percentage of your AdWords budget. Frankly, we think this just plain unfair on you and doesn’t provide an incentive to keep your costs down.

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