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How to Convert qualified leads into paying customers

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According to research 50% of leads are qualified but not ready to purchase. The companies that build relationships with potential leads throughout the time are most successful in converting prospects into customers because they have them in the mind until they are ready to buy.

This is why follow up with those contacts via direct messages becomes truly beneficial from a business perspective.

Lead nurturing is the process of building that relationship with your prospective client by sending out specific messages, relevant and precious for them in a timely manner. the ultimate objective is to keep your prospective customers “raise your hand” and self-choose to join more with your business.

Understanding the term Lead Nurturing

Briefly, lead nurturing is a system that enables you to send an automated emails to an early stage of lead, to qualify prior to deliver them to your sales team.

As a marketer, you are knows that getting prospective customers is great – but not all leads are at the point where you can be considered sales-ready. According to research , only 5% – 25% of the traffic on your site is really eager to doing business with you at that time, the remaining of the visitors are form of inquiry.

Catch a glimpse of your existing sales funnel. How long will it usually take a lead to becoming a customer after their first query?

Sales cycle varies for various kinds of purchases?

Equipped with the answer to these questions, you can build some lead nurturing campaigns and use this efficient marketing channel to qualify prospective customers and assist your sales organization.

Best Practices for Email Marketing

Besides to nurture prospective customers across targeted email messages, you must also look at the larger picture of email marketing. This includes the growth of your database, closely following key performance metrics and converting best practices.

Create a List

One of the greatest challenge for every internet marketers is to create prospect opportunities list.

Ensure your lead forms permit your website visitors to enter their email and choose to receive your messages. give them a reason for choosing while making it so precious regarding its offer . Take care of what kind of unique and interesting information they will receive in your email newsletter? express the words of the benefit (s) in language which the general public will understand.

Only send messages to people who have specifically opted in.

Send Messages

Send emails that are relevant to the interests of your contacts and keep the two questions in mind before sending the mails.

Which kind of offer had attracted them to you?

How you should follow up those prospects to improve the engagement?

Being personal in your communication. by using a name actual email address and add a personal signature. To personalize the message so that the recipient recalls how and why they came to your website. Ensure your message adds value to while get into the mind of the recipient.

Never get based on images. lot of email clients does not load the images automatically, so if your mail is one large size image, the recipient has no clue what it is about! use images as complementary content of your email, and ensure that you have enough text to communicate the value.

Being consistent in communication for establishing the right expectations in receptors while if you send your messages daily, weekly or monthly, select a schedule and stick to it.


Your every marketing messages must have a goal which makes it clear so that the recipients were arose to make support once they open your email. Either it should be send to promoting new products, services, offers, Blogs, Free Ebooks etc. Whether your goal is lead generation, include a call to action which is linked to a landing page where the recipient can retrain and encourage to work with your company.

Note that the landing page is part of your email campaign as email marketing will not stop with a click. landing page is an extension of your email, and this is where conversion take place ensure that your offering email and landing page are well aligned, by using the language and similar images.

Measuring the Email Performance

An email marketing campaign is only as good as the stats that it produces – so anyone not tracking their emails is missing an opportunity to gauge their effectiveness.

But how to measure the success of your campaign? This can range slightly according to the organization’s overall objective and the goal of their communications more closely in email marketing. Not all campaigns are meant to get people to buy something, some are persuading people to visit websites, as a part of an attempt to spread information.

  • Open rate – Open rate is a very uncertain, as the major email clients do not load the necessary images to monitor who opened an email. So rather than worrying about the opening rate, focus on the number of clicks your email received
  • Click Through Rates – CTR measures the response of  how many of the people who emailed you click on your link (s) CTR can give you an idea of ​​how compelling your offer and email messages with different offers, subject lines, calls to action, and the time to improve CTR email.
  • Conversion rate – For marketers more interested in the big picture, the conversion rate is the metric to supervise The estimate (number of conversions divided by total emails sent, x100 for a percentage) tells plain and simple proportion what time you are having success with the sale / sign-up / another call to action of your emails.

So we cover how to utilize lead nurturing and email marketing to follow up with your prospects and engage on a continuous basis to push down the sales funnel After all, you can communicate with potential leads across social media or other platforms they use.

Good Luck :)

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